Exeter Biosciences and Geography Maths and Stats support

Appointments open in Term Two for Biosciences and Geography.

Book a 45 min. appointment Online

If you would like to book an appointment online please select a tutor and free time on the calendar. Please only book one appointment.

Stats help is available to all 3rd (and 4th) year Bioscience and Geography students in term 2. If you are a 1st or 2nd year student please don't book, speak to your lecturers or Academic tutors for assistance.

Once your appointment is booked, your tutor will be notified of your booking and will be in touch to let you know where your appointment will be held.

If you have any questions we are located in Tremough House, follow the signs to find the ASK offices. Or you can email us at askadmin@fxplus.ac.uk or call us on 01326 370438.

For all enquiries please email askadmin@fxplus.ac.uk

Biosciences and Geography Tutors

  • photo of Dugald

    Dugald Foster

    "I work on the evolution of cooperation in humans, including the evolution of social learning and cultural transmission. I have experience working with phylogenetic, demographic, epidemiological and survey data. I can provide support in R, including...Find out more & book
  • Photo of stats tutor Ben

    Ben Phillips

    "I’m an environmental scientist working on simultaneously improving landscapes for nature (via conservation) and people (via ecosystem services). Currently, this is mostly focusing on (i) pollinator conservation and (ii) environmental impacts of...Find out more & book
  • Christophe Patterson

    "My research focuses on a species of hermit crab, C. erythropus, that has just colonised the UK. I’ve been investigating the size disruption of the population, shell preference, population genetics and larval dispersal models. This with the aim of...Find out more & book
  • Photo of stats tutor Jamie

    Jamie Cranston

    "My research focuses on range shifting species arriving in the UK with climate change. I work with a wide area of data types, including spatial and survey data. I have extensive experience with ArcGis and R. I can help with a wide array of...Find out more & book
  • Photo of Stats Tutor Melanie

    Melanie Chan

    "I am studying the use of stable isotope technology to infer migration status of birds from different breeding population origins. My broader interests include urban avian ecology and conservation. My experiences in R include basic data processing,...Find out more & book
  • Photo of Stats Tutor Richard M

    Richard Massy

    "I am a PhD student studying insect migration, specifically the navigation of migratory hoverflies which make incredible north-south migrations to follow a changing habitability gradient! The bread and butter of my work involves flight simulator...Find out more & book