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CSM & RE Tutors 

Shivangi Sharma

I am a third year PhD student in Solar energy and Maths teaching assistant/tutor at the University of Exeter (Penryn campus). My background is in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Sustainable Energy Systems. I can help you with CSM1027, CSM1040, CSM1033 modules (algebra, trigonometry, calculus, applied mathematics, real and complex analysis, probability, set theory, geometry, graphs etc.).  I can teach across all years, preferably first year as I have been tutoring them for a few years. Good Luck with learning Maths! 

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Joe Day

Hello! I'm Joe a renwable energy PhD student working with new materials for solar cells, particularly those which allow for greater conversion of sunlight into electricity. I'm also involved in a community clean energy project and follow Liverpool FC. I studied plenty of linear algebra, geometry and calculus during my undergraduate physics course so would be more than happy to help you with any problems of a mathematical nature

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Faryal Khalid

I have received a degree in Earth and Space Sciences and am currently pursuing a PhD in Offshore Renewable Energy. I have been mentored by the finest mathematics teachers throughout my academic career who encouraged and motivated me to enjoy math, therefore, I wish to provide my students with the same support. I will be pleased to assist you with content related to arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, probability and statistics throughout the year.

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