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Appointments are made available on a week to week basis during term time only. Appointments are made available for the following week every Friday afternoon.

Stats help is available to all 3rd year Bioscience and Geography students. First and second year students are asked to speak to their lecturers or Academic tutors for assistance.

Once your appointment is booked, your tutor will be notified of your booking and will be in touch to let you know where your appointment will be held.

If you have any questions we are located in Tremough House, follow the signs to find the ASK offices. Or you can email us at or call us on 01326 370438.

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Biosciences and Geography Tutors 

Adam Flitton

My research centres around the evolution of behaviours, institutions and other cultural traits conducive to economic development. My background is in human evolutionary psychology and evolutionary medicine. In these fields I have conducted numerous experimental studies on human behaviour and cognition, so I am well-trained in inferential statistics. I am also experienced with designing simulations of social transmission and modelling using secondary data. 
I have tutored students from the disciplines of biology, psychology and geography in statistics, from the basics of hypothesis testing to hierarchical linear modelling. Any and all queries are very welcome.


Henry Häkkinen

I work on species distribution models, trying to link climate data to species ranges and then improve on them by including non-climatic factors. I'm interested in range shifts caused by climate change, the process of naturalisation in introduced species, plant physiology and multi-taxonomic trends. I spend a lot of time on automating and sorting data, on spatial analysis and on building multivariate models.

If you need help with simple data analysis (ANOVAs, ANCOVAs, linear regression etc.), more complex model building (mixed models and the like), or spatial analysis, then let me know, and I will be happy to help. If you are using a programming language to analyse your data, my preferred languages are R and Python, but I have some experience in others.


Cecily Goodwin

My PhD research looks at the population and individual behaviour impacts of forest management on hazel dormice, including work on population trends, landscape ecology and stable isotope data.

I have helped on undergraduate and masters statistics modules and can advise on most basic statistical issues including generalised linear modelling, non-linear modelling and mixed modelling and have experience of working with and organising large datasets. 


Daniel Padfield

My research centres on understanding how organisms and communities will change with climate warming and how this will effect ecosystem functioning.

I am happy to provide general statistical advice as well as advice on more advanced topics such as linear and non-linear mixed effect models. I have used R and RStudio extensively for the last three years so can also help with code problems and plotting using packages such as dplyr and ggplot2.